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INCASA’s History

In 1954, Joinville was a small town with around 40 thousand people and a few industries, mainly textile and metallurgic ones.

In this very year, more exactly on January 5th, Mr. Harry Weege, a man with an enterprising spirit and a business vision, founded INCASA, a company created to produce pharmaceutical products that would be distributed through Drogaria Catarinense pharmacy network, which had also been founded by Mr. Weege.

Besides INCASA and Drogaria Catarinense, Mr. Harry Weege was also the founder of Kavo do Brasil, Laboratório Catarinense, Quimidrol and Stoll Motores.

During this period, INCASA has consolidated its presence in the world market, by diversifying its production through the development of new products for the chemical sector and its excellent quality standards are assured by the performance of its highly qualified and motivated personnel, working in an environment of harmony and mutual respect.

The company maintains a bold managing style, following the pioneering path set by its founders and impelling its businesses through the development of new products and the creation of new markets.

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