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INCASA’s Diversity

As a respected company in the chemical sector,INCASA tries to match tradition and pioneering actions in order to know where to invest in and how to improve its development. Through a bold and modern business vision, the company exports its products to distinct markets, such as the pharmaceutical and the animal food sectors.

Iodine Salts: Potassium Iodide, Sodium Iodide, Potassium Iodate, Calcium Iodate, Iodoform, Cupro Iodide, Natural Iodine are products that have several uses, from the car industry as pneumatic rubber catalyst, to pharmaceutical uses, mineral nutrients for animal food and as human food complements.

The international pharmaceutical industries are the greatest consumers of our products, mainly Iodine Salts, destinated for the medicine production, among other things.

Cobalt Salts, Sulphates, Nitrates, Chlorides, Acetates, Carbonates, and Octoates are products that have several uses in chemical, ceramic, glassware, pharmaceutical, textile, paint, food, mining, herbicide and photographic film industries.

Animal food is our main consumer market and Brazil represents this sector’s greatest demand.Due to the high quality standards of its products and raw materials, INCASA is emerging in the international market by importing from and exporting to countries with distinguished positions in the world economy.INCASA has a wide range of products supplying sectors such as the agricultural, industrial, and pharmaceutical ones, with high quality standards.

That’s why it can offer a solid and permanent partnership, always meeting its customers’ strategic needs.

Dedication is always present at INCASA’s development centers and, in order to offer the best products and to search for new solutions, the company is constantly investing in state of the art equipment and instruments.

With all these innovations and investments, new business opportunities for INCASA will appear.

Chemicals for the following segments



  •   Basic Cobalt Carbonate
  •   Cobalt Carbonate
  •   Sodium Carbonate
  •   Cobalt Chloride
  •   Cobalt Chloride Solution


  •   Selenium Dioxide


  •   Sodium Ferrocyanide


  •   Calcium Iodate Mono
  •   Potassium Iodate
  •   Cuprous Iodide
  •   Potassium Iodide
  •   Potassium Iodide ACS
  •   Potassium Iodide Stabilized
  •   Sodium Iodide
  •   Iodine
  •   Iodoform


  •   Melamine


  •   Cobalt Nitrate Crystal
  •   Cobalt Nitrate Solution
  •   Nickel Nitrate
  •   Potassium Nitrate
  •   Sodium Nitrate


  •   Cobalt Oxide 60%
  •   Cobalt Oxide 70%
  •   Nickel Oxide


  •   Selenium Premix
  •   PVPI 12%
  •   PVPI 12% USP
  •   PVPI 20%


  •   Sodium Selenite
  •   Cobalt Sulphate Hepthydrate
  •   Cobalt Sulphate Hepta C. Powder
  •   Cobalt sulphate Mono hydrate
  •   Cobalt Sulphate Solution
  •   Nickel ulphate
  •   Nickel Sulfate Solution
  •   Zinc Sulfate
  •   Selenium Metalic
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